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A Very Sad Love Story

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Aug 16th

Yes, I was going to create  Maya Angelou, but Alice just got it up.

I like your idea too,

Aug 10th

Hey Shelly, did you say nyou were going to start up a new group, if so, what will it be about ?

I'm thinking of creating a writers group of some kind....not sure.

Did you see Eileen's chocolate blog, it's awesome! Here's the link to it.

See ya...............

May 22nd

Shock !! everybody. I read a comedy instead of a love story.

It was great and sooo much fun.

Book Description

Publication Date: December 19, 2013
The first book of the USA Today Bestselling series! 

"Though much of the book is light-hearted and occasionally outright hilarious, the author sneaks in a few home truths along the way that will hit you where it counts, like how even someone’s best intentions can box you in." --Everybody Needs a Little Romance 

"This was one of those books that I kept telling myself one more page, then I need to put it down. Instead I found myself tearing through the book instead, needing to know the outcome." --Just Jump Book Reviews 

May 16th

I know i haven't posted any "Love Stories" lately.

I haven't been reading lately. I really like the new "Groups"


Apr 26th

no it's not Shelly. It's the picture on the website that I bought the shirt that advertises the shirt.

Apr 24th 2014

Hi friends, love the new colors and style of this site, looks great. Now I need to change my page to match.

Check me out later.

Aug 5th 2013

Thank you Shelly 

Apr 23rd 2013

Hi Shelly, what ya reading these day's ? Anymore GREAT love story's ?

Feb 18th 2013

Hello Shelly 

Thanks for being a friend, yes but I have not been here to the site for ages am here more often now.

Have a good week love and hugs from Rosemary 

Dec 12th 2012

Hi Shelly, I caught your message in the Reading Room, nice, thanks.

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love books,(sad love stories) love coffee and at times in winter, tea. Love poetry.

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